Monday, February 27, 2017

Zach Oyler and John Kelly For City Council

Both are very knowledgeable about the crisis facing Peoria City..Neither would commit to supporting a buy-out of the water company by the City Council. Both understood the folly of a referendum when the City itself does not know the condition of the water lines underground..Both understand that the city can no longer fund risky private ventures like the Pere and the Marriott and the privately?? owned money losing Chiefs Baseball Club. The hoteliers are waiting a long time and have not filled any of the vacant spaces on the west side of the Marriott. Both understand that you can not afford to spend precious tax dollars on which there is  a return for the very few.

While Jim Ardis is a likable person, he is responsible for the putting the City at risk without concentrating money on the failing infrastructure. To spend $32 million plus on the Warehouse District  has attracted NO high paying jobs to that area. To spend $12 million on Western Ave. when the money would be best used to repair our horrendous streets, curbs and sidewalks. The Public Works Dept. run by the Union, is unorganized and too many workers standing idle waiting for the time clock to indicate closing time.A Letter to the Editors recently highlighted that parody that I have been pointing out for years.

Work on extending Northmoor can wait. What happened to the highly touted extension of Pioneer Parkway and Eagle Point? They were to be a boost in industrial development? Both are dead in the water.

I supported Ardis when he ran for Council and my $3,000 contribution helped Ardis sin the 6th spot on the Council. Brother Tony Ardis called to say my late contribution put Jim over the top. I thought Jim would be for the little guy but instead he sided with the elite that have in the past, run this City.

Dan Sullivan would be my choice for the $97,000?? Supervisor for the poor.

10% of registered voters to turn out to vote. My goodness, what apathy.

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