Thursday, February 23, 2017

Mainstream Media's Distortions

The JS and most other left wing medias headline "Immigrants" leaving off the illegal. Only when you read deeper into the news release will you finally come across the term"Illegal Immigrants".

As is well known that people often do read more than a few lines AFTER reading the Headline

The JS and others are so angry over the Trump win I suggest they are all on sleeping pills'

To be such bad losers makes me sad. Everyone that cared (and a lot didn't) new that both candidates were FLAWED. Yet the JS and left wing medias could hardly find any fault of the crooked and corrupt Clinton Cabal.

When Trump said ban all Muslims you had to read deep to find where the rest of the statement lay. What was it? "until we can more thoroughly vet them." That is now what he is doing and I approve his message.

"Facts" are being presented almost daily by left wing Democrats. Some are believable but have on consequence and many are taking Trump's words out of context which seasoned reporters are skilled in doing.. All are intended to make Trump look stupid when instead it shows that they are the stupid ones.

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