Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Jewish Cemetery Vandalized in St. Louis - Pence Visits and Shares Anguish

Peoria folks might have forgotten when Springdale Cemetery was vandalized many years ago. Many people helped restore the cemetery. I spent four days working to help. Others did also and no one questioned their party affiliation or race.

People must make a better effort to work together with our leaders. With facts, they can decide who our REAL leaders are and work to get better qualified people to elect and cause working together to create a better nation.

We are not a dictatorship. Trump will be up for election, if he decides to run again, and his haters can vote him out. Most unnecessarily angry Democrats didn't like him when he RAN FOR ELECTION but he won.

Accept it and peacefully protest. Help support law enforcement to find the vandals and support their prosecution.

I didn't like Obama but I did not protest physically against him or violate any of the laws passed by his administration. I know it is hard to lose. If Democrats thought the Hillary Cabal would have been better for this country, they should have voted her in.

Why are you such extremely poor losers? When the vandals in St. Louis  are arrested, no one will question their party affiliation. I highly suspect they are no-registered but if they aren't, I would again highly suspect they have Democrat Liberal and hateful thinking.

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