Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Former BelWood and Heddington Oaks Admikstrator Is Now Heading an Effort to Buy HO

Matt Neukirk, has approached the Peoria County Board or some members representing a private buyer of the badly failing HO. A couple years after HO opened, Neukirk resigned and it was reported he took a position in the private sector.

Problem is that HO cannot be sold until sometime in 2020. Poor planning caused the taxpayer to be stuck with this $7 million a year loser. But they are and also with $41 million remaining on the loan to build. Also paying interest of about $23 million over the $47 million cost of this Taj Mahal for the disadvantaged.

This information came from an unnamed source close to Andrew Rand, County Board Chair who voted to build HO.

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