Monday, January 23, 2017

To Ashley Judd - Yes, I Saw Hitler in the Streets Saturday

But, gee, Ashley, they were mostly women. Did Hitler like Obama, never have a girlfriend? That is until Eva Braun decided to go down in history and became Hitler's GF, wife or whatever?? Do you think the Hitler-Braun union was ever consummated? Trump's marriages produced children Do the daughters love him? The sure appear to..Did Hitler have a legite child? How can you compare Trump to Hitler as a womanizer??? Trump appears to love women who are actually women.

Most women I know and knew married for love. I can't say but what a lot of women married for a little bit of love and a lot of money. Did the women who came "out of the woodwork" RIGHT BEFORE THE ELECTION really object to anything Trump did or said to them or were they "hoping" that they might one day become Mrs. Trump? Or his mistress> Surely you remember of trysts of Jack and Bobby Kennedy or FDR's mistress?

Or Martin Luther King.

I read where an actress admitted publicly that she goes both ways. Is she actually a womanizer? Isn't she defined as a leader with hundreds of thousands of followers?  Does she hate men and say "I only date men for the exotic places, parties, yachts, cars and jewelry and a chance to marry them for the big divorce money"?

What's new???

Trump a Hitler? Not at all. More like the thousands of Fraulein types that I saw parading, being "talking heads" and blocking traffic. Maybe 0.002% of all the woman in the world. Trump has tremendous respect for 99.8% of all women and he encourages most women to succeed in whatever they wish and are capable of the success they define as "success".

Suicide bomber women not included. (Not to be designed as success).

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