Sunday, January 01, 2017

Russian Interference in Election? What's New?

By year 1990, the United States of America attempted to influence foreign countries elections in the vicinity of 100 times. Most young people, most Hollywood types, and most others, never heard of Oliver North and our rogue covert attempt to influence the election in Nicaragua called the Iran-Contra Affair under the administration of Ronald Reagon and the U.S.A. sponsored overthrow of the Iranian leader replaced by the Shah who was corrupt and unjust. The Shah was then. was ousted by the Ayatollah cabal. Look at the situation this has caused in Iran today.

Russia did what Comey and Company failed to do in the Hillary affair. Now, it is rumored the Russians have more information that the U.S. has and has probably classified this Russian information from public knowledge.

Governments are very good at hiding valuable information from an unsuspecting citizenry. Prevalent everywhere, even here in Peoria, Il.

Sure, much information is withheld or given out like Plato called it, "The Noble Lie".

I hired the son of an Iranian General under the Shah. Eventually, I sold him my Peru business and he went bankrupt. He not only stuck my company but it was rumored that he also stuck the General and one of his daughters.

I hired and hire anyone I feel competent. My present Attorney is a Syrian and my insurance agent is a black. .I judge citizens by their knowledge and competence certainly never by color or ethnic group. I would never hire anyone from "Black Lives Matter" or any of their followers.

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