Friday, January 20, 2017

Only 217 Inauguration VIOLENT Protesters Arrested? I Was Hoping For More Like 500

I hope all of them who destroyed private and public property are charged with "rioting" which is a Federal penalty.If found guilty, they will serve prison time. No pardons under Trump and General Mattis and General Kelly

It is reported that Michael Moore hid in a Porta-Potty when the protesters started to riot. It's also reported he needed help to shove him in and help to pull him out.but he is now in seclusion in his $20 million home in Malibu.

What a great day I had watching about 10 hours of one of the greatest shows on earth. Even though a lot of what I watched and heard was BS and phony hand shaking and back slapping, the entertainment was super.

Still, if our new President delivers on only half of his promises, which would be a record for politicians, 95% of those who supported Hillary and Bill and will be trying to block his every effort to make "America Great Again"..

So sad.

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