Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Democrat Elizabeth Warren - A Piece of Work

If she and NOW represent the femininity of the future of women leadership, God help this once great country. If you are not watching any of the confirmation hearing I report to you that the two women sitting behind Ms. Warren appear to have swallowed a peeled tenon whole. If they are married, I have no comment about the type of man or woman they are attached to.

Ms. Warren looks like a skunk about to confront an enemy. And she talks while her head bobs like a physic woodpecker. It's interesting to sometimes put your TV on mute and watch the body motions and facial expressions of the speakers. In Ms. Warrens's case; her mouth.

The Democrats are the most abrasive group of losers I have ever seen. The Know-Nothings, to borrow a phrase, are out in force including most of the drug abusers of Hollywood. Of course, there are drug abusers in rural areas. But most of them are found in the GLAMOURS  areas like LA and San Fran. Massachusetts is no exception to the percentage of abusers.

Facts in  life is how one sees and interprets them. I am an Independent and see and interprets facts as THEY ARE.

Never was and never will be "politically correct". Never is a big word so I will amend it 'hardly ever'.

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