Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Trump Wins As I Projected - Liberal Mainstream Media Has Crow With 'Their Martini Breakfast

I suspect Bill and Hillary slept in separate domiciles this morning,. Bill blaming Hillary and Hilary blaming Bill.

What a wonderful feeling I had last night when CNN announced the Dow Futures would drop 600 points this morning. At that point, I knew Trump was going to win. Overpriced stocks were due for a tumble sooner or later.

Yes, the JS can say they helped Illinois speed up it's slide to socialism and too anonymity of states with political power outside to their nearing bankrupt state.

The Demos and the Journal thought Darin Lahood shot himself in the foot by supporting Trump. They were as confused as ever; it was Darin's Dad who shot himself as he continued his move to become a Republican in Democrat attire.

So the Republicans are in total power for at least two year and hopefully four. Trump may lure me back from an Independent to a Republican again. But probably not on a local level were I seem to see the same old, same old.

Good luck and my best wishes to you, Donald. As to the Clinton's I expect their speaking engagements will drop from $250,000 to $100,000 sooner again than ;later.I suspect that Obam's speaking fees will be lowered, his golf game improved and he and his family will continue to loive "high off the hog".Howerer, he and his family will soon not be able to charge the taxpayers, $4,165,068.00 as they did in his recent visit to Paris to attend the climate change "Conference".

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