Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Trump, Republicans Appear To Be Heading Back To Basics

What I'm hearing now is what I and so many others, have wanted Trump to specify.The unions are good but totally out of control. Year in and year out I've watched union street and highway workers standing watching and waiting. Waiting mainly for the clock to say "don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out". I've waited for the day the teachers unions to be brought to their senses, unions that prevent the firing of any teacher unless arrested for sexual assault, theft or murder.For AFSCME, THE MOST DESTRUCTIVE UNION IN THE COUNTRY to be stopped from being a major contributor to the downfall of the once great State of Illinois.

I refer you to an article in the Opinion Section of the WSJ, by Paul Moreno, dated 9/12/12 titled "How Public Unions Became So Powerful", and an JSEB "Our View" titled "Unions Can't run District #150",dated 6/24/05 Sorry, JSEB, but the unions run most departments of all our public bodies in Peoria. Why? is an easy question. Weak, unpaid or low paid boards and strong union leaders.

I like his stance on defense, infrastructure (I doubt that he will let guys like Ray LaHood divert highway money for the Peoria Riverfront Museum garage; $5 million) more than the Peoria City spends on roadbeds, sidewalks and maintenance in ONE WHOLE YEAR.

Strength prevents assault. In and outside our borders in situations where WE SHOULD BE INVOLVED. Like ISIS, a product he will inherit from and by Obama Most of the assaults in Peoria are on the weak. The killings are largely black on black over drug territory. I believe Trump will spend money to help cities slow down this violence but the violence will never stop as there is no way to totally control the supplier, the dealer and the user. Nor the pharmaceuticals

So far, I like pretty much what I see and I hope Sessions get approved by Congress.

Have a thankful Thanksgiving and lightly bump any protesters blocking your destination. Say you were alarmed by "a white rabbit" and lost control of your vehicle.

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Merle Widmer said...

I have posted approximately 7 blogs on union growth and domination in the public sector and how I successfully worked with the Teamsters Union through 7 contracts when I owned Widmer"s. 25 years later, under new ownership, I believe Widmer's and the Teamster employees work together.

It can be done.

(Find these posts in my search section, upper LH corner of all of my 3000 blog posts.)