Friday, November 11, 2016

The Scandinavian Seer Says

November 9, 2016 - The day after the elections.

Who would have thought the election would turn out the way it did? Besides, of course, the Scandinavian Seer who pegged Trump's election as the favorite going in, had the GOP maintaining a majority in the Senate as well as the House, picking the upset in Indiana where Rep. Young bested former Governor and Senator Evan Bayh, suggesting that 2 to 3 per cent of voters were part of a "silent majority" and not being honest with the pollsters, and finally identifying the States (Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania) that Trump would need for victory.  Like every blind squirrel, one finds an acorn every once in a while but yesterday the Seer found a bunch of acorns.

There have been many reasons stated by the pundits for Trump's win and I would like to pick, what were the most significant. First most of Thump's supporters like most of HRC supporters, were voting against the other candidate. And when she was in the news with the FBI checking Huma and Carlos Danger's emails while Trump was playing his cards close to the vest that helped him. Then HRC, scenting the race was getting close, resorted to mostly personal attacks against Trump the final week of the campaign while speaking little of her solutions to the nation's pressing issues. That again hurt her chances. Also Trump's aggressive campaigning and visits to the Rust Belt states generated a lot of enthusiasm. HRC never went to Wisconsin and only went to Michigan to get votes over the Flint water crisis. And finally Trump's economic message of growth thru better trade deals, tax reform, repealing Obamacare, tougher immigration policies, and less regulation reasonated with many, particularly Rust Belt voters. HRC, on the other hand, was offering much of the same that has resulted in a stalemated environment and countless executive orders. So people opted for change

More later,  The Scandinavian Kid 🤓

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