Sunday, November 13, 2016

Protesters Have a Right To Protest Legally

I have been a protester over many issues that I thought were wrong and mostly I was proven right. But anyone, including myself who does not protest peacefully must be treated as the law provides and brought to justice.

One of my protests occurred while I was on the Peoria County Board. The protest was over the failures of the Assessor's Office to fairly assess property. As a result, many others joined in the protest and our protests forced some changes.

I failed in my protest against building Heddington Oaks, the museum and the Chief's Ballpark. In the later, ALL the investors lost their money. If they all didn't, then I would like to know who they are so a lawsuit could be filed. However, it is my belief that Peoria Area Community Foundation got their money back although I find NO OFFICIAL announcement in my very complete file. It is written that Don Fites transferred his investment to the PACF in 1999 although I do not know what Fites wrote off on his income tax statements.

Despite Fites transfer of his ownership, he remains, as far as I know, on the Council of 4 or 5 that run the Chiefs operations.

Most everyone knows that the museum has so far missed attendance projects as approximately 250,000 and the $16 million per year new spending as predicted by two Bradley "economic" Professors, did not materialize.

Heddington Oaks? Expect it to continue to cost property tax payers in the vicinity of $6 million per year forever unless sold or given away for 30 cents on the dollar.

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