Thursday, November 10, 2016

Boo Hoo, Boo, Hoo, Trump Protestors Take to the Street

I have a better idea. Pay their costs to move to Cuba, Nicaragua, Mexico, Columbia or Somalia. Maybe Syria or Iraq to make space for the good people seeking asylum here. All good people need help. While all these oddballs would fit in perfectly elsewhere and our country would be far better off.

One stipulation. Once we ship them out at taxpayer costs they cannot come back.

These misfits have been losers for so long they cannot tolerate a brash, strong leader. However, I believe they better help this country be better than it is or they will be sob-sisters for a long time. It would also remove those who don't want tow work, are socialist teachers and professors, all sucking of the government tit.

Any extremely violent protesters, shoot to kill them.  Not to wound them because then we then have to pay more of their bills.

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