Monday, September 26, 2016

The Great Presidential Debate of 2016

Of course Trump was on the defensive. She was asked by the "moderator" to go first giving her the opportunity to attack Trump putting him on the defensive from the get-go. It was always Clinton first. I don't know if they flipped a coin or drew straws. But the moderator was not able to control two head strong people attacking each other.

Nothing new came out that most of us who are following this "race" hadn't already heard over and over. Many half-truths. Regardless of who wins, very little of what was said by both candidates tonight can be accomplished. I do not agree with Clinton nor does Trump but he evaded the question that all workers should make the same amount of money such as the much debated minimum wage. Clinton supports it and most likely $15 an hour. I believe no matter where you start on the minimum wage type jobs, that their must be an opportunity to share

Overtaxing the wealthy is always a mistake. It takes decent profits to expand and hire more workers and managers. Also more construction jobs. Clinton, like so many politicians has never met a payroll. It takes wealth to grow a business but the profits should not all go to the owners or those running the operation. I do believe that no person on this earth is worth more than $17 million a year plus the generous benefits all receive.

One thing Trump was absolutely right on and that is the state of affairs on this earth. That most of the blame goes to the Democrats, Republicans also own a large share of the mistakes made to put us where we are today and more important, the disastrous direction we are heading. If Trump is elected, he will do a better job than Clinton because he has started,  bought and sold businesses, went bankrupt and has met a lot of large payrolls even as others lost their jobs.

Shit happens.

Trump a nuclear threat? Not hardly. I'm not sure of this number but 8 or more countries have nuclear weapons. Maybe even ISIS, if not now, possibly soon. The most dangerous is still probably Russia although the nutcase in North Korea is capable of making a horrible mistake.

Trump talked about the stock market bubble which will soon burst. Clinton evaded the "bubble" because she is beholden to Wall Street. .

Anyone who criticizes what I write about a bubble should read the "Forgotten Man" by Amity Shlaes.

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