Monday, September 12, 2016

Senator John McCain - 'We Could Stay in Iraq for a Thousand Years"

Or a million years as far as he is concerned. So said Senator McCain at a Town Meeting on 1/3/2008. Look it up if you don't believe me. Can't find it? I'll help you so you won't need Democrat controlled Snopes.

In fact, we should never have invaded Iraq the second time. I didn't support it. McCain did.

Trump is right on 90% of what he says. He is just "basically" honest" and politically unwise at times. Consider that all politicians lie more when it comes to election time.  But the media is only right about 80% of what it publishes or displays. And is good at putting their knee in the groin of someone they don't like.

Like me. No, I have never been convicted of anything worse that a speeding ticket. But the local media has on various times tried to convict me and in various ways.

Good example of the Trump hating Journal Star is that in June of 2002, the JSEB led by Barbara Mantz Drake, was still pushing the billion dollar highway to Chicago that would have started in Mossville (another bridge would have been needed where Cat seems to be  continually laying off workers) or in Morton where there is not enough taxpayer dollars to even complete an intersection started a few years ago.

Even then IDOT District Manager,  Dale Risinger said that the highway could not be justified. Don't believe me? I have his statement. LaHood then wanted to rebuild Rt. 29 for $600 million as a starter, until finally the whole ridiculous idea was dropped never to come up in anybody reading this lifetime.

Want to read what I correctly wrote on the "Highway to Chicago" . Just enter same on my search bar. You should find half a dozen articles stating why this idea was another taxpayer being stuck "boondoogle yet supported by all the "elite" in Peoria.:.

Why is Illinois, the City or Peoria, Peoria County, Peoria Public School district #150 (alias Peoria Public schools, ha ha) etc going bust? Another ha, ha.

Please be wise enough to vote NO on any new tax referendums that will appear on the November ballot. All have spent your tax dollars so unwisely, it is impossible to list them all.

What do I know? For starters, the company I started in 1964 with 2 employees and grew to $11 million in sales in 1992 when I sold it for more money than any office equipment store was EVER sold for in Peoria and is still thriving 52 years later out on North Allen road under my name.

Fact printing? Bragging rights? I believe I earned them.

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