Wednesday, August 31, 2016

"Siracusa", A 2016 Fiction Book Written By Delia Ephron

Good fiction books are hard to find, but this is an excellent read. It is "unputdownable", a word somewhat overused, for those who have a very active mind.

Two couples with sometimes confusing minds and troubled lives and one couple with a 10 year old daughter, set out on a vacation to Italy. What happens is fiction. however, I believe most good fiction books tell pretty much the truth about many of our lives.

Adriana Trigiani, an author, writes "the taste is both sour and sweet at once, but the bitterness that remains is not only haunting but unforgettable".

As a farm boy who "just fell off the turnip truck", I am constantly reminded how bored and "left-out": I told my sister Loretta that I felt I felt that my mind was slipping away. Then I was drafted and the start of a learning experience that, along with some depression, goes on daily. These authors, and I probably could have been one, have minds that I cannot help but deeply admire.

Could even say jealousy that I wasn't born under different circumstances. But many feel the same. I at least learned an honest work ethic and responsibility from my Mom and Dad that so few are that fortunate these troubled days.

Hope someone I reach reads the book. Returning it to Lakeview today..

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