Monday, August 22, 2016

Peoria, Il. - Did You Know?

That Former Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood when in office, tried to get a bill passed giving bicyclists the same road privilege as vehicles? Saner heads prevailed.

It should be revealed that Ray is a bicyclist.

That Peoria County has 10 times the number of miles of trails than walkers, bikers and hikers using them?

That our government found it prudent to build a bridge over Knoxville for hikers, bikers and walkers yet decided to create the most costly traffic congested street corner; University and Main, yet couldn't afford to build a cross (X) bridge for the same traffic over University and Main?

That the City and it's taxpayers still own the old Cub Store on Knoxville?

That Peoria Public School District #150 changed it's name because of stigma attached to a failed system at a cost of over $400,000.00 yet will now ask taxpayers to approve a property tax to support this shrinking student population while at the same time drastically opposing Charter Schools, most of who use few taxpayer dollars and do a better job of all around schooling?

That Charles Grayeb, a City Councilman and former #150 teacher was publicly quoted as saying that "The U.S.A. was 'never an Imperialist Country"?

That in year 2000, Peoria County had fund balances of 1 1/2 million deficits. By 2006, the County had fund balances of $23 million and when I decided not to run for a 4th term, the board in 2010, all funds had total positive balances of over $50 million? Now the County has serious present and forward looking financial problems. County roads alone facee an estimated $200 million repair and maintenance deficit and the County will ask the citizens to approve more taxes on one of several referendums that will be on the November ballot..

Hopefully, I have enough energy to post more "Did You Know" blogs.

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