Monday, July 18, 2016

U.S.A. Has a Soft Belly

For a person to avoid a chiropractic treatment for their backs, they must strengthen their backs. (Also avoiding drinking too much beer and eating all that fast food and pigging out at buffets) People have to avoid watching  advertising that promotes "soft bellies". I do. I switch channels until I find one that isn't promoting things bad for your health. I'll admit it is hard to escape adverting that does great harm to your health and pocketbook. They have to do exercises no matter how they hate exercising that cause weak stomach muscles to become as strong as back muscles.

Any reputable chiropractor will give you a simple set of exercises that will strengthen your back that you can do in bed or on the floor. Takes about 5 minutes, 3-4 times a week. I know as a fact that one of the best chiropractors in Peoria, Bob Benningfield showed me these exercises 20 years ago and I have never been back to any chiropractor since. He cost himself a lot of money but Bob is a Christian guy who puts a persons health before the almighty dollar.

I have Scoliosis but it hasn't bothered me in 20 years.

For this country to strengthen  it's back we need more leadership that puts the countries needs before circuses. Black Lives Matter is not teaching leadership but is a circus and a phony one at that. They and their ilk are largely responsible for black men shooting the very people that try to keep them safe. The sensation seeking media is equally guilty.

Where is Black Lives Manner and their ilk in black murdering blacks especially in Chicago? If they are making an effort to stop thes killings, they are NOT successful.

VERY little background of the thugs has ever appeared in print. Yes, they were all thugs with lengthy police records. Please don't say, "yes, but that is no reason to kill them". How do you know their was no reason? Were you there? No, I wasn't either. But when the FACTS have been presented to any jury charges against any officer involved have been dropped. There may be one or two exceptions but as the saying goes, "their usually is one bad apple in a barrel of apples" or every walk of life, including the clergy.

Are their bad people in EVERY WALK OF LIFE? Stupid of me to even ask that question. People who support organi


Merle Widmer said...

This piece of junk I use or the software I use prevents me from sometimes finishing my blog. My type disappears in the gray bottom of the page. What I wanted to finish saying was that for the U.S.A. to rid itself of it's soft belly is to hire better journalism teachers, Bradley has or had on weak black one recently and elect leadership with backbone who don't make too many false promises. All politicians promise more than they can do. However, I believe Donald Trump is the far stronger candidate and will do his best with the help of a strong Congress and the support of those who think mostly like I do, to strengthen the "soft belly" of this country.

Merle Widmer said...

Organizations that promote the well-being of ALL over the lure of the almighty dollar.