Thursday, July 14, 2016

Right To Work States - 26 of Them and No Near Bankrupt Illinois

Do you think Cat is moving people and building plants in states that have yet to join the Right-to-Work movement? Think again. And I'm taking even money bets that Cat will never build their new headquarters in Illinois unless the Federal Government, the State Government,and the City and County give taxpayer incentives so large that Cat can't refuse.

Or Illinois, to extract themselves from the morass the Democrats and many Republicans have intentionally pushed themselves near the bottom, soon votes to become the 27th state. Even now, it is probably too late as Illinois has a host of negatives for a mass movement of new businesses to move here.

Taxpayers, like the Cubs can't keep saying "wait till next year". And, speaking of the Cubs, die-hard fans might as well start saying to themselves, "wait till next year". I'm giving odds that their will be no World Series Champion in Chicago again this year. The facts are there if the die-hards care to see them.

But, at least, they have been an interesting team to read about and watch over the past 12 months.

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David Jordan said...

Yep, West Virginia became the 26th RTW state in February. I'd expect Kentucky, and perhaps Missouri to join their ranks in the near future. Illinois will then be completely surrounded by pro-business states.

RTW isn't a panacea, but it is necessary to defang the corrupt public employees unions and get the state's budget under control.