Sunday, June 19, 2016

No Dialysis Center as Promised at Heddington Oaks

On November 10. 2012, the JS Local Page posted a heading "Peoria County looking to add dialysis center" at the new County owned Nursing Home, Heddington Oaks. "Having a unit at at Heddington could make the the facility more self-sufficient". 'It would also bring in another $2 million in yearly revenue",  said Administrator Matt Nieukirk, long departed for a job in the private sector.

On my recent visit to this mausoleum, opps. nursing home, I asked to see the dialysis center and was told by a lady in charge that there was no dialysis enter. She said when people needed treatment Heddington contracts with a company for their services.

Heddington has more private pay than I reported. Sometimes as many a a dozen. Whether they come from Peoria County I did not learn. However, the old BelWood accepted clients from other counties at the expense of Peoria Property tax Payers; a dozen or more and mainly from Tazewell County.

Nothing more was ever mentioned in the JS ss to why a dialysis center was never installed.

Heddinton Oaks has been a financial failure with bonds due to be paid off over the next thirty years. Expect it to be put quietly on the market by year 2020 as it continues to cost property tax payers in Peoria County close to $5 million a year. It was supposed to break even. and be a "safety net" for thepoor. Total cost of the project was around $50 million spread over q 30 year bond..

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