Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Widmer 40th Reunion Set For June

Donat and Lillie Widmer bore nine kids. I am the sole survivor. I thought I was lucky to see 75. Now I'm aiming for 95 as all my doctors signed off on me last month while advising me to keep doing what I am doing.. On the other hand, I hope we have a good turnout as it may be the last original Widmer reunion.

Herb Kauffman, a WW2 veteran, who survived 26 flights over enemy territory, is my sole Brother-in-Law. He is 96, lives in a lovely and well-managed Assisted Living Home in Washington, Il. Sharp as a razor and a really talented and great guy. He and my sister Viola who passed on on Christmas day, helped me out with a generous loan when I ran into financial trouble back in 1984. My troubles stemmed from a disastrous fire that destroyed the Beeney building which held my insured inventory.

Thinking I would go broke, the Jefferson Bank, then owned by the Bielfeldt;s, approved the decision of the loan officer who handled my account to freeze all my assets. That loan officer is still living in Peoria and is V-P of a charitable organization I dropped from my giving list. He is not the brightest turnip to fall off the turnip truck.

Helping me out with financial loans,after the fire, were my Brother-in-Law, Arthur Hermann and my sister Pauline. So did my sister Verna.

I repaid them all and love them dearly. My family, my siblings and their kin, were and are all good and decent people.So many so sorely missed.

My two daughters love me as I love them. Unfortunately, they and their families live quite a distance away. Each, year, I look forward to seeing so many at our reunions.

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