Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Peoria Journal Star Can't Understand Why ANYBODY Would Vote For Donald Trump

Not surprising. The PJS is a Democrat newspaper. They use washed out Columnists like George Will, a Republican Establishment Man, mild mannered Johan Goldberg,and  recently, a slightly past his day, Charles Krauthammer, as well as an occasional not well known Republican woman columnist.

While they feed us Democrat/Socialists like Pitts and Robinson on a repetitive basis. whose bias is offset by locals like Bob Murphy and dozens of others who write sensible comments to the PJS.

The local paper should know by now from the loss of their readership, that an angry and dissatisfied largely Republican and Independent Caucasian population, are dearly wanting a change No, no Republican will win a majority of Hispanic votes nor black votes. Too many of them suck on the government tit and would prefer a Socialist like Bernie Sanders An overwhelming majority who would vote for Barack Hussein Obama if only this failed president could complete his plan to run for a third term.

So even the Republican Establishment and the elite who know better than "us", may find they will need to vote for Trump if they want ANY slender chance of defeating Hillary. .

Don't expect Trump to win California, which will some day be renamed MexCali, nor the far left states of Washington and Oregon. But do expect him to be the Republican nominee for the Presidency of the "United" States of America.

But it is better to hold your nose and vote Republican if you ever want to see a Republican president before 2032 or never. Even then, the fast growing Muslim population is most likely not to support any Republican.

No, I don't subscribe to the PJS but read it at the Lakeview Library along with a half dozen or so readers. Once you get by the comment page, the obits and slimmed down sport pages, there isn't much but a preponderance of full page ads Some days more ads than content.


Zachariah said...

How can you claim to be for freedom of religion and support a guy who wants to ban muslims?

Merle Widmer said...

You are one of the majority of "readers" who only read headlines. Trump clearly stated that he want Muslims "more thoroughly vetted". You ask why Muslims? Surely, you would jest.

The news is made of liars, truth stretchers, opinionated semi-smarts without full facts, prejudiced, you name it. Few good people study journalism today. People who would make good journalists know there is no money in Journalism today and lies and sensation are about the only thing that sells.

Examples of prejudice is the "golfer' who told the truth about Trump relocating his drives. He new Trump was "spoofing" but then what would you expect from a Hispanic who wants us to keep open borders so California can eventually vote to join Mexico.

And Matt Buedel who wrote my ranch house has an "upstairs" and that I "stepped" down from the Peoria County Board. Buedel is, of course, a liar who couldn't find a better job than the JS "Democrat". Rumor is Buedel had or has a little going on the side. Hm, but of course, just a rumor?

This comment written by a 91 year old man who was once arrested on a misdemeanor charge but no judge ever found him guilty which or course this old man wasn't. Except by Jerry and Jim Stowell, both trying to live off their dad's name, who wanted revenge. Revenge for what I can't say because my lawsuit against a Stowell, was settled out of court.

Besides, if you could read, you would see that I dropped my full support for Trump, except of course, if Hillary isn't in jail and the Democrats lose all their senses and nominate what's his name. But of course, you want possible murderer of avoved Socialist.Marxist as our next, let me hold my nose, President.


And if your name is Zachariah my name is Moses.

Merle Widmer said...

Sorry, " or an avowed Socialist/Marxist".....

Merle Widmer said...

Sorry, "murderer or" not of.