Friday, April 22, 2016

Sears To Stay Open in Peoria?

I predict the closing of 2 more major retailers in Peoria within the next 12 months. Meanwhile, the Cub Food Building stays closed and Macy's is closing. Empty commercial buildings abound. If you read my 2800 posts, you will get a hint as to why. Small example is that while the Peoria County Board Chairman says the County is in good financial condition, he also notes that Peoria County Roads need $200 million in repairs but doesn't note that the County owned Heddington Oaks Nursing Home is losing $3 million a year and that the County owned Hanna City Correctional Center is a small disaster.(I will at some point, blog on the interesting details as to how the County got in this dilemma).

He should have also noted that Peoria County Taxpayers own the very questionable downtown museum building and that the $30+ million the City spent on the Warehouse District may or may not return a dividend. I am inclined to say it will not. Nor is any mention of what cost might be assessed to the County for the sewer system or the leaky water system as a County is all inclusive and the Cities and Towns, all lay in the County. Plus, some structures that appear to be in the City, mainly on the south side, are actually the partial responsibility of the County.

I also suspect that before long, the privately owned Dozer Baseball Field owners will be asking for more money from the City to keep up operations. In case you missed it, the City has already forgiven the club over $1 1/2 million of your money.


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