Sunday, November 29, 2015

Trump Holds High Cards in Sarasota Saturday

Arriving very early in his helicopter, greeted by hundreds as he landed, took some kids for a helicopter ride and then entered to standing room only crowd of 6,000 in Robards Arena. According to a local TV Station, another 8,000 lined up outside. A patient line of 4 to 6 deep supporters, a quarter mile long stood in 80 degree temperatures on a Saturday without ever getting a chance to see him. I was one of them until I realized that the line wasn't moving. So I, along with many others, retreated to our air-conditioned digs to watch him on TV. Many others could not find a place to park and did the same.

He was the usual Donald; brash, nowhere close to being politically correct, brutally honest especially when he attacked the very Liberal New York Times and their Democrat reporters, sometimes exaggerating to make a point, making claims that he can only achieve if he has the support of the House and Senate and have flair opposed to the charm of the most destructive sitting president this country has ever known. The crowd was typical of Middle Florida. Ordinary people.No 70, 80 or 90 retirees standing in line. A handful of blacks, no people in Muslim garbs and no wild men or women such as those who lead the "Blacks are People Too" or some stupid name making whites seem all like plantation owners.

I may vote for him as I do not see him as a danger to the best interests of this slipping world power called the United States of America. I can see him sitting down with Putin much as I sat down with the Teamsters Bosses and negotiated 7 three contracts without a strike or even a serious threat of a strike. To my knowledge, my successors, Widmer Interiors, still support the the Teamsters Union almost 24 years after I sold my company for the most money any office products company was ever sold for in downstate Illinois. Trump really loves this country but like me and a rising majority of people who love the country but feel that much of the leadership is mostly interested in the well-being of themselves and their wealthy buddies. Or who lean whichever way the wind blows to get elected or re-elected so they can feed on all the 'goodies' they vote to themselves.

No other Republican candidate has come forward who can defeat any Democrat candidate. Trump is no Hitler as some desperate people would like to pattern him. Trump is no war-monger; he has to my knowledge, no financial interests in anything close to being a military products manufacturer. He, like all politicians, sometimes stretches the truth, but somewhere in all my papers, I distinctly remember print about "certain people" cheering as the Twin Towers collapsed. Others had signs on their vehicles claiming this horrible disaster, created by Muslims, saying "it was an inside job".

I have never met a politician and people they appoint to leadership positions who didn't at times, stretch the truth.Remember a nice person by the name of Richarson? And all the leaders sho supported FireFly as the greatest creation since the airplane and the automobile of even the steam engine?.  Prime examples are Democrats mainly and Republicans who lied about the absolute success of  Heddington Oaks and the Peoria RiverFront Museum. And most likely the Warehouse District, the Sports Complex and the Marriott

This country contains a large percentage of angry and disappointed voters. No, we do not need a dictator and Trump is no threat. We. need someone to listen to those of us who deal in 'facts' and who will stand up to the Putins of this world and make us feel safe in our own communities.

Trump may be just the right man and could be elected even if the old and I mean 'old' Republican good old buddies group stays home on election day...

Oh, yes. Were there any protesters inside/ One who was ejected. The paper said there were a hundred of so outside but I did not see one or any sign supporting Bush and Rubio or opposing Trump.


Paula Clark said...

I fully agree with you. I to will vote for Donald Trump. Paula

Diane Vespa said...

Totally behind Trump 100%. You are right again Merle on most all of your points.