Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ray LaHood - JS Quotes in Editorial on 11/13/15

"Remains Fond of Obama". Interesting. I guess because Ray pushed for $800 million for a new highway to Chicago and then settled on $400 million for making Rt.29 a four laner', neither one that could be justified by real cost conscious  leaders like Dale Risinger. Ray also tried to push light rail from Tampa to Orlando where the national government would fund all the preliminary expenses, around $2.4 billion, and stick the State of Florida with the building and all other costs. Florida's Governor knew that Florida didn't have the money and rejected the broke federal government largess. Ray's income, including his pension, increased dramatically under Obama. Maybe that makes him "fond of Obama'". Was Ray good for Peoria? Hard to tell. Take a good look at Peoria and you be the judge whether the City, County, etc indicate a bright future in the upcoming years.

None of Ray's big spending deals went through, thank goodness. Wonder why arrogant, not politically correct presidential candidates, like Trump and Sanders have such a large following?
The majority of the leaders now sitting in seats of power have failed us. Both Republicans and Democrats. Another reason I and many of my friends and acquaintances are Independents. Trump would do no worse looking at all aspects of the position. Sanders? Well.......

Maybe being in a warm climate has further addled this old brain. Hmmm

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