Thursday, September 24, 2015

Does Illinois Have the Worst Managed Highway Department in the Country? Does Peoria Have the Same Situation?

Travelling South on 121 yesterday, motorists saw a sign "Workers Ahead" and a 55 speed zone. All we encountered were 10 miles of hundreds of barrels on both sides of the highway, no blacktop drying and NOT A SINGLE HIGHWAY EMPLOYEE. As I've written before, this is not unusual for Illinois. Peoria follows the same pattern on a smaller scale. I've blogged about these ridiculous situations for years. As I drove south on University yesterday, past McClure and before Pennsylvania, signs saying "right lane closed ahead". As typical, some drivers immediately started pulling over into the left land only to find as they progressed, that the right lane was NOT closed ahead. Water pools in front of my driveway on Collingwood Cr. that freezes in the winter. An inspector, dumber than a rock, came out and said the water was coming off MY property. My neighbor and I on more than one occasion agree that the water comes from a pipe from his house with the majority of the pooling water comes off city owned property emptying in front of my house at 612 Collingwood Circle. City Manager Urich and Mayor Ardis, you both read my blogs. Why can't you do something about it? Oh, I see, the City doesn't have the money as streets are hardly a priority. I also suggest people who drive and live off Farelly St. should form an association and take your horrible street conditions before the City Council or invite City Manager Urich on a tour especially after a heavy rain. And the neglect off the streets in other parts of this All-American City are a disgrace to the residents who have no power on the Council. Sorry, I an't create paragraphs any more. Some people ask if I don't like Peoria, why don't I move. I suggest these people are slobs, hard core Democrats, work in the public sector where the term "you are fired" is extremely ever heard, etc. I am not known to run from problems.

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