Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cat - Peoria, In Deep-Doo-Doo

A while back, I blogged that some analysts predicted Cat might fall to $70 a share. Now I predict that Cat is a $55 stock and probably lower if the Democrats retain the presidency. Fortunately, i got out of Cat at $85-86 a share but I'm not bragging. I wrongly predicted both IMAX and Taser as relatively safe bets. Maybe IMAX will get back to $35 a share by 2016 but Taser has will again peak at a lifelong high of 27 a share. When a City depends largely on the success of one major manufacturer; this manufacturers trouble can change the areas entire dynamics. My suggestion to Peoria leadership is to encourage Cat to proceed with its new headquarters but on a greatly reduced scale as I predict that Peoria will not be Cat's headquarters 15 years or sooner from today. Also, local unions need jobs. And, as previously suggested, Cat should maybe take over part of the PRM as I believe the PRM losses will eventually exceed $3 million a year. I'm sad for a lot of people who believed they had lifetime jobs and that their Cat stock would eventually go back to its peak of $113 a share. Peoria and East Peoria faces massive problems in the years ahead.Peoria, largely , as heir infratructure such as sewers, water main and streets as in seriously bad condition. If you re-read my older blogs, most of my predictions sadly came true. In many cases, I should have followed my own advise instead of listening to the overly optimistic analysts. I still own IMAX and Taser but about half the amount of stock I owned a few weeks ago.

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