Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Peoria County Board Members Collect Large Government Subsidies While Claiming to Control Government Growing Debt

Brian Elsasser, Carol Trumpe and Brad Harding, all Republican Peoria County Board members and all strong Aaron Schock supporters, vote and continue to vote to expand the government subsidies they receive for the farmland they cultivate or leave idle. This great country is being consumed by greed. And the greediest of all are 60%, plus or minus, of all elected officials. Democrat land owners and farmers are no exception.

The reason I point out Republicans elected officials is because Republicans believe that once they are in control of elected positions is that they will right all wrongs committed by the Democrats in recent years. A laughable situation. I was basically the only one on the Peoria County Board who supported the $13 million redo of BelWood and opposed the building of the money losing, property tax supported, the Taj Mahal Heddington Oaks and the same for the 66% taxpayer supported money losing ugly structure called the Peoria Riverfront Museum. (Once the figures I and a large number of others predicted, came out, the administrator was fired instead of the Board members he reported to and who APPROVED this boondoggle.

I suggest Republicans start with the voting out the subsidies they themselves are collecting. My dad was a farmer and the only government help he received was from the CCC, a government service that should have never been stopped. (It was stopped by big Democrat controlled unions) When I owned a business, I received no taxpayer subsidies and still made "a go of it". (If I'm wrong, please correct me in my comment suggestion box)

No matter who gets elected in 2016, don't expect our debt load to decrease. Too many good causes and out-reaching hands who all believe they should get taxpayer support.

Too bad and so sad.

Next blog will be on comments Andrew Rand made in the latest issue of IB.

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