Monday, October 27, 2014

Peoria County Deficit Totals $5.5 Million,. Not $3 Million as the JS Publishes

$3.5 million budget deficit, $1.5 million Highway Department deficit and $500,000 withdrawn from Emergency revenues. And, yes, Heddington Oaks, the relatively  new County nursing home, lost $900,000.00 in the FIRST HALF OF FISCAL YEAR 2014 despite $1.5 million support from Peoria County property owners who also support 17 OUT OF PEORIA COUNTY clients who pay no property taxes to Peoria County.

To make up some of these deficits, most of which will still be around at this time next year, the County plans to raise property taxes, raise fees, and cut staff. When you cut staff that means you already had too many unnecessary people on the payroll.

How did the County get in this serious financial situation? Ask the Democrats, who control the board. .Like Allan Mayer, who is up for election with the Republican candidate more than qualified to do a better job than Mayer. Mayer, as he personally states, has strong ties to the Democrat mess in Springfield. Mayer is a career Democrat politician who believes one balances a deficit budget by spending more.

For a more competent board member candidate like Oyler to lose this race would only prove the point, that no matter how incompetent the incumbents are; they are extremely difficult  to unseat.

And remember, all the Peoria County Democrats voted to own the Peoria Riverfront Museum building. The museum is proving to be a major financial disappointment. Firing the administrator and replacing him will NOT increase attendance and make the museum financially stable now nor in the future.

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