Monday, October 27, 2014

Journal Star Endorses Rauner - Then Criticizes Him For Soliciting Skilled Workers From Overseas

JS - Do you think the Editorial Writers sometimes live in a cave? Most of the business community have for years claimed not enough U.S. students were taking the hard courses that lead to jobs like medical doctors, engineers, scientists, high tech,etc. These business leaders and even unions have appealed to parents, high school and college leaders to entice more youth to take these hard courses.

Those appeals are not and have not worked for years so business leaders appealed to immigration to open the doors to foreign graduates who thrive on hard work during their schooling. Stop setting ridiculous quotas on skilled foreigners and cut back drastically the number of immigrants that are allowed into this country bringing few, if any, work skills.

Look at all the skilled people working at Caterpillar, Keystone, the Ag Lab, our Medical Doctors, hospitals, etc., who are from foreign countries. But the JS says Rauner is taking jobs away from local workers because of his support of common sense immigration measures that help stop companies from sending more work overseas.

Where skilled workers abound.

These remarks by the JS Editorial staff are attempts to tone down their endorsement of a competent business leader and throw a steak to a proven incompetent Quinn, offsetting their endorsement of Rauner, an endorsement probably dictated by their boss, Gateway Media.

Whenever a Republican holds a minority stake in a business that commits errors, the Democrats and the Liberal media place all the blame on most all Republican candidates. Democrat incumbents, according to the liberal media, can do no wrong, yet they are the ones that have put citizens in a serious state of unease.

I note that GM errors on ignition problems alone have caused 30 known deaths and hundreds of injuries. Also air bag defects have caused many deaths and injuries. Does the JS and the liberal medias condemn GM and car manufacturers and the Democrats who support them and suggest that buyers avoid buying from these companies? Or criticize people like Social Democrat George Soros for his investments in companies that lay off or close plants or do they just need Republican businesspeople politicians to blame when good intentions go wrong in companies in which the Republican candidate does NOT have a controlling interest.??

As I've written many times, the best people for the difficult road ahead, do not run for political office for fear of the gorilla liberal press will take every opportunity to tear their personal lives apart. Franklin Roosevelt had a mistress, John Kennedy had many trysts and seductions; brother Ted swam and ran for his life and let his alleged "mistress" drown, Bill Clinton having oral sex at the White House yet the liberal press, says "boys will be boys". Note these are all Democrats

Republicans have some illicit loves also; allegedly Dwight Eisenhower. And we all know about the extremely competent General who was forced from his post causing a lack of his leadership as one of the MAJOR failures thereafter in Iraq. And left the leadership to an incompetent I nickname OBO because he apparently never had a school nickname. Most unusual?

What a shame that the best are like the rest of us; far from perfect.

Quinn has had 6 years. Look to Illinois to be totally bankrupt with Quinn at the helm for FOUR MORE YEARS.

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