Monday, October 27, 2014

"Frick" and "Frack" Boast of Accomplishments Not Yet Accomplished

Today's "Word on the Street" written by 2nd rate reporters at the JS brag about the RFM, the  nearly completed Marriott Courtyard and the Louisville Slugger Complex as "done deal' accomplishments for the community

Yup, done deals, but any accomplishments of the three above mentioned, are waiting in the wings. Despite that the taxpayers of Peoria have a major stake in all, figures like attendance, censuses, financial stability, etc. are difficult to come by. We seem to have a local newspaper that finds it more important to sell ads than report the news. The JS does run most obits 3 or 4 times so it looks to visitors that we have an awful lot of people dying in the neighborhood.

And didn't the Civic Center lose a bundle last year, Believe I blogged on that.  (Interested in what I wrote? Just enter "Civic Center" in the upper left hand corner 'Search Bar' on this blog to find my older blogs) No doubt a blessing it was built but it's recent expansion is casting some concern whether it will be a financial success. Maybe Bradley would have built a basketball stadium on campus making games more of a student draw. And hockey ice would not be a problem for the basketball players and slick court flooring. Maybe the IHSA might find a campus setting more desirable and not so close to Big Al's and other downtown vices..


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