Monday, October 27, 2014

Bustos Ranked 16th Out of 100 Being Best in Controlling Government Wastefull Spending.

And many wonder how Illinois is so financially strapped. Oh, yes, blame it all on Republicans and George Bush.

And the Republican Mayor of Washington, Il. has thrown his support behind Democrat Quinn because Quinn brought financial and other aid to his community when it was literally destroyed by a tornado or series of.

Like as if a Libertarian Governor maybe named Darth Vader wouldn't have done the same??????? Or a more likely Republican Governor named Rauner wouldn't have done the same??  Even George Ryan would have done the same! Why George even gave $2 million of your taxes to the privately owned baseball club but that didn't stop the City of Peoria giving the owners an extra $1.6 million last year. Plus the debate-able figure of $5 million the City gave to the private owners when the stadium was being built. Politicians have no problem finding worthwhile projects to support with YOUR MONEY.

And yes, I endorse likable and competent Judy Topinka and capable Dan Rutherford, who recently got the "short end of the stick" by the liberal media, any time he runs for ANY political office.

And Bobby Shilling over Bustos? Any day.

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