Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Peoria Riverfront Museum Faulty Construction May Cost Taxpayers $2 million or More

According to a Peoria County Board Member, Peoria County, who owns the PRM building (you may recall I warned the County about ownership and voted against County ownership) will most likely be held responsible for the massive construction .problems that have and are occurring at this new $97 million dollar boondoogle opposed by 48% of the voters.

I understand that the local architect and the Chicago Contract overseer are denying responsibility. Of course, what's new?? Possibility of a lawsuit and the lucky legal firm is rubbing their hands. Don't be surprised if the law firm has connections with the PRM Committee member or members.

Did it ever appear in print who got the bond bid and if they had connections with anyone on the PRM Committee?

The damaged Ansel Adams piece or pieces damaged by moisture WERE SURELY insured by the PRM people. But how sizable is the deductible??

Oh well, those that know more than the rest of us will surely step forward and bail the County out of this dilemma.

Want to bet???

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