Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Arkansas, ACLU, and Voter ID

Three cheers to the Arkansas politicians who overrode the Governor's veto of the law to require voters to present a photo before casting a vote. 100 boo's to the ACLU who has filed a lawsuit to continue to allow voters to vote without a photo ID..

Poor people can't afford a photo on an ID card? Infringes on their rights? That is plain Democrat bullshit because anybody with any smarts know that all these people who oppose new Voter ID laws, vote Democrat.

Kudos to Arizona and Kansas who already have Voter ID photos required before voting.

Never happen in Illinois because of our lack of competent leadership. Who are those leading this state into eventual bankruptcy? Why, those people who don't even know who FDR, Thomas Edison or George Washington was. Or the size of our current National Debt and it's projected amount in the year Obama, hopefully, leaves office.

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