Saturday, December 07, 2013

Museum Referendum (PRM) - Two Vocal Councilmen

Eric Turner vocally opposed any opposition to the downtown museum. So did Jim Montelongo. Montelongo also wanted the city to buy the water company along with Beth Akeson and Chuck Weaver. The other 8 members recognized the public wish. Turner should have been removed by a term limit law which is BADLY needed. Montelongo was re-elected because of no real opponent. Weaver may have lost some of his  popularity to eventually succeed Ardis as Mayor.

And loudmouth Randall Emert did GET 30 possible actual votes in his run to be on the City Council although he did not demand a recount. Ha, ha.

Weaver comes from old money and and an old name which is a huge help at election time in Peoria. Akeson, well, Akeson is Akeson and will be up for election again.

The pro-museum folks thought we opponents didn't know 'nuthin'. Board made Richerson the "scapegoat" and whatever happened to the woman who ran the Lakeview Museum?

And the guy from Cat who so strongly supported the museum but couldn't answer a simple question about 'why no IMAX in the PRM' after an IMAX was promised by everybody that was anybody or thought they were,  is retiring from Cat. Fact was the IMAX people recognized a failure because they had the EXPERIENCE.


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