Thursday, December 05, 2013

Fast Food Workers Demand $15 A Hour!

Everybody gets $15 an hour? Those demanding are all Socialists or plain ignorant and should move to Cuba. Sure, in our respective classes, yes, we have classes in the U.S.A. if you haven't noticed, and we sure as hell all all not equal in our respective "classes". If I were a small businessman today and had to paya minimum wage of $15 an hour to all those in that category I would sell my business and get the hell out of this country because no matter how I feel, we are now heading for changes I nor ANY of my past blood related ancestors ever believed. Not in the vast majority of these 'changes'.

If any of you reading my blogs feel that all minimum wage workers or any workers are of the same value I ask that you quit reading my blogs because I am NOT blogging for your type to read my blogs.

I ran or worked for businesses for most of my life. I know that "all men and all women are NOT created equal" nor should they all be paid or treated as "I or they are all equal".

I'd like to say "trust me" but I won't but all people were never born as 'equal's' nor are all people today equals. Stupid to say that all are equal when you look at a Roosevelt, a Kennedy, a Bush, an Obama. a Soros, a Trump or a person born with no limbs and a drugged out mother with no supportive 'father' And to say all have the same opportunity is correct as long as you add "opportunity to BETTER themselves" and that isn't true for a large minority of people who enter this world through birth.

And all of the media who didn't use the word "alleged" in their slander about me might start to worry just a a bit. As well as the person who sent the email to all the bloggers and media.

So sad.

But still, life is good to me. My wife is "on the wagon", my health is good, my two daughters are the loves of my life as is their progeny, my finances are in order, I'm not pushing up daises, my tennis game is good and I could give a damn about "high society and wanna be's". But for those who don't like me, no matter, the feeling is ,mutual.

And I/m not freezing my ass off in the northland.

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