Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Baby Boomers - Not All Work at Goldman Sachs

Stolen from the WSJ: World peace is probably too much to ask for. But it is hard to assemble those huge conscripted armies that used to fight wars. We'll all have a letter from our doctor about our deep-seated psychiatric problems and drug use. (Drug use growing despite a trillion or so spent recently to eradicate drugs and now illegal prescriptions. If there ever was a monumental failure by the blue-noses and governmental bodies using your tax dollars in the futility, it could be the failed efforts to prevent a growing drug use. Practically everywhere.)  (my comment)

Besides, war is about power. Baby boomers aren't power hungry. Power comes with that kicker, responsibility. We're greedy for love, happiness, experience, sensation, thrills, praise, fame, adulation, inner peace (I have inner peace and my wife, a baby boomer, now that she stopped over boozing it up day and night, is finding some inner peace also) and as it turns out, money. Health and fitness too. But we're not greedy for power. Observe the baby boomers who have climbed to its ascendancy in Washington. The best and the brightest? They're over at Goldman Sachs.

Gee whiz. I though 545 were capably running our government. Oh, I forgot, they are in South Africa on a junket honoring ex-Communist; Nelson Mandela. Partially kidding. Of course he spent 27 or so years in jail for protesting inequalities. Today, if you protest these things Mandela did you would just plain disapear.


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