Monday, November 04, 2013

Read the Last Paragraph - I Always Understood

Forwarded to me by a friend. Merle

The company that won the main contract to write the software code for Obamacare is a Canadian firm called CGI Group.  Their headquarters is out of Montreal, Quebec.  According to the company's own announcement, it secured a contract in late 2011 worth a total of $55.7 million.  Due to concerns, it jumped to $93.7 million and then to $292 million. 
Reports have ranged widely over how much money has ultimately been spent on the flawed site, via CGI and other contractors. Reuters reported on Thursday, October 17, 2013, that the potential total value for CGI's work has tripled, to nearly $292 million, and that does not include the work that is required to fix the problems.
Second in command is Quality Software Services.  They are another contractor heavily involved in the software development code and launch.  Quality Software Services, Inc. headquarters is out of New Delhi, India.
  Yes, the two main software company headquarters, which wrote the software code for Obamacare, are not even from America.  HEADQUARTERS NOT IN AMERICA, and Obama and his administration keep trying to convince us that they are doing everything in their power to put Americans back to work!   HOG WASH!!
Here is another one you are not going to believe!

Obama Turns Down IBM Offer To Cut Medicare Fraud By $900 Billion Dollars

In February 2011, IBM Chairman and CEO, Samuel Palmisano, offered the Obama administration a free software program that would have cut Medicare and Medicaid fraud by almost a trillion dollars, but he was turned down – twice.  The number one software company in the world and American, was going to give a good percentage of the Obamacare software to the Federal government free and Obama turned it down – AND TURNED IT DOWN TWICE.
Now, I hope you are beginning to understand the attitude, incompetence, lack of vision, and unintelligent knowledge of the White House.




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