Sunday, November 17, 2013

"Goodwill" is a Catchy Name

You give and usually take a tax reduction on your donations. Goodwill takes your freely given donations and sells these freebies for a profit. The buyers pay a sales tax which enriches the cities profits. While Goodwill produces a few low paid jobs,  their CEO makes $2.3 million plus generous benefits. They also have a well paid executive staff.

The suggestion is made their are dozens of other charitable places where your donations may better serve a common good.


Merle Widmer said...

A no-namers asks for names of some alternates: Some suggested are Wounded Warriors, American Legion, Disabled Veterans, Salvation Army, Southside Mission, Vietnam Veterans Association, Military Order of Purple Hearts, Lions Club International, St. Judes Research Hospital, Make a Wish, Ronald McDonald House and Doctors Without Borders.

AS said...

I wonder how many of these accept goods. Salvation Army and Southside mission probably do. Ultimately, making it easy to donate is important, because otherwise goods may end up in the trash because of the hassle factor.

BTW, Very sophisticated blog. Please keep it up.