Saturday, September 14, 2013

"Water-Logged" Debate Coming Up Again

So Steve Van Winkle says that Peoria should buy out the water company and dump it on the taxpayers. He uses the truth to confuse the taxpayer. He says that 80% of the communities own there own water distribution. Of course they do. What capitalistic corporation would want to own Congerville, Carlock, Goodfield, Deer Creek, Mackinaw, etc.? They would lose money on all these small communities Van Winkle uses in his statistics.

Is Van Winkle, always an opportunist, have something to gain personally if the city buys the water companies stake in Peoria? You bet.

I'll let you study Steve's history and  the situation and figure our how. He has supported every attempt by the city to buy out the privately owned water company. Yet smart cities like Indianapolis are more and more turning the running of utilities like water companies over to the private sector. Mayor Ardis has always voted "no" on the periodic buyout attempts. However, I am not sure Jim is the same person I long ago helped win a seat on the City Council.

Expect people like Lowell "Bud" Grieves, Terry Kohlbuss, Rita Kress and especially Councilman Chuck Grayeb to lead the buyout charge. And maybe the PAAG with spokesperson Sandra Birdsall stepping in again with another million to support a buyout. I believe all of the members of this group are still alive with the exception of Ted Fleming. Expect developer Giebelhausen  to lend strong support. All of the members of the PAAG stand to gain with city ownership as that would take the water company out of the regulation of the ICC.

Kohlbuss? He is always trying to strengthen his position and earnings by being on the side of the elite who run Peoria.


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