Sunday, September 15, 2013

Water-Logged All Over Again in Sewer Polluted Peoria, Il.

Expect Terry Koulbuss and Caterpillar to lead the drive for the City of Peoria to buy out the privately held water company that may or may not be for sale. If enough money is offered the water company may wish to sell as almost the entire old piping system needs replacement as was documented in the last nearly succeessful attempt. Some of my detractors will say I'm bragging again but don't expect the JS to give me credit for any of the things I've done for this community. However, Councilman George Jacobs, the deciding voter, told me that it was my blogs that helped him make up his mind.

While profit minded Rita Kress told me she would use my blog paper for her toilet (probably her outside one). Expect her to be working hard behind the scene like she did in 2005. I publish here an email from Scott Sorrel, Assistant to the County Administrator to County Board Adminstrator, Patrick Urich, dated August 26, 2005. The email reads as follows: "Subject - water company buy-out - Rita called to ask if someone would meet with Randy (Randy Oliver, City Manager at that time) and Gary Sandberg within the next few days (Gary was pushing hard to get more capitalist business into union dominated public sector) She said the issue really is not dead.

Don't feel I can blow her off. What do you want me to do do. Tell her that we will meet her or we will pass.

Please advise."

Scott Sorrel

Fortunately, my Democrat friend, Dave Williams, then County Board Chairman, took a "none of this nonsense" attitude and as far as I know, this meeting behind the back, was never pulled off by Rita (Kress) and the deceased Sandberg.

Now that Pat Urich is now City Manager is going to make for a lot of dealing, and much of it "behind closed doors".

So Sad. I've said if you want to know about the wheeling and dealing that happened or tried to be a 'happening' read my blogs titled "Water-Logged' at least 15 of them in my 2005 archives available through my search bar at the to[p of all my blogs.

There is a lot of money spread over many years that would end up in the hands of those who feel I an a threat to this community. Let's hope the voter shows the sensibility they showed in 2005 and turn this 'boondoogle' down again. Listen closely to what is made public and make your own decision but little has changed since 2005 except IF the water company REALLY wants to sell to a proven gullible city council.

Oh, about  the City of Peoria and our sewer sysems. Approximately 4 years ago, our water stewards told us it might take from $100 million to $300 million to replace our old and failing sewer system that dumps tons of pollution in the Illinois River ever rainy season.

If true, where will the money come from? Guess who.


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