Sunday, May 05, 2013

Dr. Chester Danehower Says "Stop the Negativity and Let the Museum Shine"

So said the good doctor in  an editorial to the JSEB and printed in today's paper. Start here and read my next blog and my 15 or so factual blogs about the probably impossible financial success of this project.

Note that the quote "33% of the $99 million museum would be all that the public would need to contribute, came from Brad McMillan in an address to County Board members and a subsequent LTE printed in the JS. Actual submissions show that the public so far has contributed over 67% of  the $99 million museum.

Finacial results are not important as the quality of the product as attributed to Museum Director Richerson in the JS when revising attendance figure downward from 240,000 every year to a "possible' 150,000 the first 12 months of it's existence.

If citizen taxpayers need not worry about finances, we might all live in million dollars homes and drive expensive European cars.


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