Thursday, January 17, 2013

National Association of Police Superintendents Approve Obama's New Gun Regulations

I received an email from an old acquantace Democrat college professor in which he took issue with the email I forwarded about the success of concealed carry in a Texas Public School. My answer to him is as follows:
Of course, just another few millions to add to outrageous police pensions (have you read about the the police pensions piracy in Stockton, Ca.?

Probably not as the situation has been mostly detailed in the Wall Street Journal) and another 1/2 billion more for Obama to spend. Jim, you are an educationally smart guy.

Do you think gun shooting in schools is one of our biggest problems?

Start with the University of Texas tower shooting and the number of school deaths wouldn't add up to the number of innocents killed in vehicular traffic accidents in one quarter of one DAY in the USA.

And what about the Oklahoma bombing, the mad Major killings at Fort Hood, etc? or the Richard Speck knife murders of a dozen nurses in Illinois. Recently, we had a family  killed by baseball bats in a small town in Illinois.

We are becoming a nation that turns out wimpy kids reared by over-protective parents. If the NOPS came out for concealed carry, then they are on the right track. This I very much doubt that they did. Besides, like ObamaCare, who really knows how these new regulations will be interpreted and enforced?

I watch more news stations than Fox, one of the finest stations on the airways. Unfortunately, most others are far to liberal for my tastes. Rachel Maddow would have been popular in Germany in the 1930's.

I occasionally read the Tampa Bay News. Their columnists, with perhaps one exception, would have been very popular under the Third Reich.

Most of the predictions I made in Peoria about non-priority tax-supported projects in the past 10 years have been completed with not one projection met. I may have been a farmer and a coach but I continued educating myself even today at the age of 87.

Plus my Dad and Mom taught me common sense, a rare quality in certain circles today.

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