Thursday, January 31, 2013

Disarm Sane U.S.A. Citizens is Obama's Ultimate Objective

All this hub-bub, meetings, overtime costs and added stress about student killings to distract the voter from the REAL problems facing this country.

I regret the death of all people; the young especially. Do we forget that "planned killings" of all types are products of a greatly flawed educational system? No, you pretty good,  good and great teachers are not to blame. School failures are the result of laws that prevent discipline in the public school system. It is the result of weak, unpaid board members, belligerent unions, and lack of parenting; many of these 'parents' are public school 'graduates' or public school drop-outs.

OK, that is part of the the problems of killing in this country. Most gun deaths are caused by criminals and the mentally dis-illusioned and mentally disabled. And gun killings are just a small percentage of violent deaths. Killings by other methods, too numerous to list here, but including the death of approximately 16,000 youths 19 years of age or younger,  by vehicular accidents. School killings? About .00001 of all the unfortunate deaths of young people.

Get real, folks. Drugs kill more kids in one day that die in a full school attendance day. Of course, most the blue-noses, aren't aware of this because "cause of death" is seldom listed in the obituary.

Back to schools. Concealed carry by those who wish to carry and who pass rigorous sanity tests tailored for school authorities, including teachers, is such an obvious answer. Policeman patrolling public schools corridors, classrooms and grounds, is insanity.

Back to guns. No administration will disarm the PRESENT population. (Some of you say Obama doesn't want to prohibit citizens from owning guns. Do you believe him? He has lied his way through one term and into a second term and what I predict will be an attempt for a third term). 12 years from now, I can't forecast. No administration will halt drug use. No administration will halt prostitution, No administration will prevent alcoholism. No administration will stop corrupt politicians, corrupt business practices, corrupt attorneys, corrupt doctors, pharmacists and, yes, teachers and school administrators. Or head librarians. This last one may be questioned by those who don't closely follow the conservative media and bloggers. (Think Indianapolis)

No administration will end rape and abduction. And crimes of passion, adultery or child abuse or hundreds of other illegal crimes or actions. When kids and teachers cheat in school (see my blogs on cheating in the classrooms) what might one expect when they reach adulthood.

Summation:  90% of this sorrow and hand-ringing is a smokescreen while 11,000,000 illegal citizens will one day have all the rights and MORE than I have today. Out of those eleven million, 6 million will become voters by 2016 and another 90% will vote a straight Democrat ticket. Obama is, among all the other labels I've labeled him, a very 'cagey' Socialist.  Don't turn in your guns. The criminals will not and neither will all those security people surrounding Obama and his family and all ranked political leaders, day and night, and all those trips across the country and the world, all at increasing taxpayer expense while just our national debt is moving from 17 trillion ever upward.

What a bunch or 545 politicans and Obama?????

So sad.

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