Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Why We Keep Electing the Same Inept Politicians

Why? Limited choice. Stale Central Committees especially Republican. They dance to the tune of the old boys and girls clubs, even though a few of the members cannot be considered old. Just old in their thinking and who make herd like decisions.

As the Pope says, younger people's minds are so wrapped up in technology and making money that they have no place for God. But many go through the motions just like stale or failing marriages. It's easier to go with the flow and make "herd like" decisions than to put forth the efforts to make changes in their lives and the politics of this nation. While we watch from the sidelines or not at all as this nation accelerates it's slide to socialism.

These "movers and shakers" think they are progressive ones while thinkers like myself are trapped in a box. Actually, it is just the opposite. They think and move in herds. Like lemmings, they slide us toward what is called a fiscal cliff without the ability to work for the benefit of all the people.

The Democrats are in lock step as they almost always are to bring future misery to most all not connected to their so-called "compassion". Their beligerant unions dominate the public sector which also is growing at an accelerated pace.

Republicans know what the Democrats are doing yet they have done much of the same thing when they were or if they would be in power. But the Democrats have the upper hand because the Republicans made mistakes in choice of candidates, in failing to note what was happening in in finance and most all of our public education systems. In failing to attack the real issues like what Obama and Committee was really doing to this country. While Romney and his advisers claimed that Chrysler, Jeep, jobs, and capital would go overseas if Obama was reelected. Such a false and unverified attack that when exposed by the liberal media, most likely cost him Ohio.

Republicans were slow to get started, spending valuable time and money defending themselves when they should have been strongly attacking the real issues. That they evidently didn't understand the well publicized real issues laid bare by listening to the people, especially those 43% of registered voters wjo didn't vote, the unemployed who wanted to work for a decent wage and millions of small businesses worried about their future and the future of their employees.

Now the ill-prepared electorate believe Obama when he claims he will make unspecified entitlement cuts and dominates the media. the younger people and the naive, while blaming an inept Republican minority to lay their entitlement plans on the table so he can tear them apart with the help of the domineering liberal medias.

I wish all a Happy New Year while knowing that 2013 and the next three years will, as the Journal Star writer once accused me of spreading "gloom and doom" (regarding the Peoria Riverfront Museum)  be exactly that.

So locally, the Republicans put up an unqualified Patrick Sullivan, a nice guy who wated more grants and subsidies for Peoria against a well-funded big spender,  Dave Koehler, and pitted former Democrat Frank Ireulli against a popular Democrat.

Both Koehler and Brady won easily.

Then there was the selection by the old guard of Mitt Romney because Romney wanted the job so badly and had access to all that money. Read my old blogs where I wrote why Romney or any of the Republican candidates couldn't win.

I'm sorry to live to my age and see the prospects for the future so dim. And I'm an optimist proven  when I started a company with 2 employees and $5 thousand dollars, most borrowed, and built it into the most successful business (in a city where bankers only lent to friends and old guard type people) of it's kind before selling and retiring almost 21 years ago.

I didn't come from wealth, my first 19 years I was a farm boy, then with a GI entitlement procured a college education, such as it was, I couldn't wait to graduate and get a job, all because I was born to parents who respected me, disciplined me, taught me how to work and why not to get a girl pregnant. If alive, they would be proud of me and highly disappointed to what is happening in this world with all it's high technology and it's lack of intelligent involvement in the future. 

Of the debt on almost all levels of the public sector, they would be embarrassed and ashamed, same as I and all sound thinking people are embarrassed and ashamed of so many of our political and private: leaders..

Still, cheers to all.

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