Thursday, December 20, 2012

Need For a Third Party? Most Likely in the Not Too Distant Future


The following story makes the case for the necessity of the establishment of third (or multiple) parties.

A few weeks ago the Democrat County Treasurer resigned and according to Illinois law the Democrat Party is allowed to pick a replacement to fill the vacancy. All "established parties" must be notified and may submit recommendations to fill the position. With a back room deal, the Democrat Boss named his man Randall Rushing to take the pay check while the old staff did the work. Then a lame duck Democrat County Commissioner forced the appointment through the Board of Commissioners.

What’s peculiar about this is that Mr. Rushing is a Republican.

In addition to the obvious question, “Why would the Democrats appoint a Republican to this position?” the fact is that it is illegal. According to Illinois law, if a Democrat won the election, it must be a Democrat that replaces them.

I don't know about you, but I've noticed that when the Democrats and Republicans get along, it never works out well for the taxpayers.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. In recognition of that law, the Democrats attempt to circumvent it by appointing Rushing as a precinct committeeman.

In response to this complete violation of the law and the attempt to cover it up by the appointment, the Constitution Party sought out legal council and launched a media campaign to expose the culpable corruption of both the Democrat and Republican Parties that would cost Massac County tens of thousands of dollars. Please note that the Republican Party was incapable of addressing this violation of the law for what ever reason they want to come up with.

Consequently, Randall Rushing officially declined the appointment in a letter to the Democrat Party.

Had not the Constitution Party been an established party and able to intervene on behalf of the Massac County citizens, to continue going down the corrupt path that both the Republicans and Democrats were headed would have cost the county $100,000 over the next 2 years.

Additionally, in accordance with Illinois law, the Constitution Party is recommending that Deputy Treasurer, Dana Jones, fill the vacancy of County Treasurer and to leave the Deputy Treasurer’s position vacant which would contribute to the $100,000 saved.

For more detailed information, you can check out the following 3 articles written in the local media (Take note of the Constitution Party’s recognition in articles 1 & 3. Also note that the on-line versions are not the complete article.):

1) County Treasure, Floyd Sullivan resigns and former County Treasurer Speaks out against how it is being handled:

From the article (caption under picture): “During Tuesday's commissioners meeting, the Planet learned the Constitution Party would be contesting the appointment. Tim Pearcy, Constitution Party member released a statement confirming they will be contesting.”

2) Randall Rushing’s appointment:

3) Randall Rushing Officially Declines Appointment:


This was definitely a major victory for the people of Massac County and it was only made possible because the Constitution Party of Illinois was an established party in Massac.

This is proof positive of the need for other parties, beside the two major parties, to participate in the political arena. Without other parties being allowed to be involved, the major two parties are largely left unchecked to continue to conduct business as usual and it is the taxpayer that pays the price.

This past year, especially here in Illinois, we have seen corruption play itself out at every level of government, every one of them and the only way there will ever be an impetus for a change for the better is if the two major parties begin to feel the heat from competition and the only way there will be true competition is for third parties such as the Constitution Party to become an established party at every level of government to challenge the status quo. Until then, it will continue to be “business as usual.”

If you are tired of having it “stuck to you,” there is a way out. Join us!

With both major parties working to consolidate power, we need to elect people from a party who will represent the people not the party interest. Please help by donating to the Constitution Party of Illinois.

Former county treasurer speaks out Douglas resigns - By Michele Longworth Planet Reporter Former Mas

By Michele Longworth Planet Reporter Former Massac County treasurer Sharon Glass formally addresse...

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