Friday, December 28, 2012

Ho, Ho, Ho, Over the Cliff We Go

Obama lies like a rug when he says he will make billions of dollars of tax cut AFTER the Republicans come to HIS terms. If the House Republicans that don't believe him remain true to their beliefs, I and they say, let's go over the cliff.

Cost me some money? So will it cost the majority that supported him. Even those on the dole. I''ve stopped most of my donations. Let Obama and his ilk pick up the slack. Besides, most employees of charity foundations voted for him because most of them down deep believe in equalization, too.

Never trust a consistent liar.. Ever. Will those who vote ever learn? Sure, Romney and some Republican candidates lied. But not consistently like this president.

 Maybe by 2016 but then no Jeb Bush. I've had enough of the Bush generations. Also, Jeb Bush would never win.

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