Thursday, November 01, 2012

Benghazi an Act of Terrorism? Obama Has Yet to Admit is Admit it Was

Fox News is making every effort to let the country know that Obama had to know there was a buildup of Al-qaeda or what ever name these terrorists call themselves, around this city, Benghazi, in Libya.

Yet Obama has yet to declare the murder of four brave Americans, what it really is: an act of terror.

Obama wants to keep strutting around saying there have been no acts of terror against Americans since he took office. Obama wants to keep fraudulently claiming he is "tough" on radical extremists and "good" at foreign policy. He's a filthy liar.

I have recently been accused of not blogging about acts of terror. I beg ones pardon? I have written THIRY TWO blogs on cowardly attacks by terrorists All can be found by entering the single word "terrorism" on the search bar above my profile.

This administration has been bragging about how they have kept Americans safe from terror attacks during the last four years.

# 1 - Why commits acts of terror to destroy our Republic when the current president and majority of Democrats are doing the much of what more blatant acts of terrror would accomplish?

# 2 - Have we already forgotten the 13 dead and 32 maimed of our finest by a U.S. Islamic coward at Fort Hood? While causing extreme grief to thousands of loved ones left behind? In most Muslim countries, this unhuman thing would be hanging from a bridge 3 years ago instead of being well-kept and secure at taxpayer expense.

# 3 - Have we already forgotten the Christmas Day shoe-bomber who failed to kill hundreds and destroy thousands or other lives only because of his incompetence?

# 4 - Have we forgotten the Islam Jihadist who tried to explode a bomb in Times Square on May 11, 2010? His plot failed to succeed because of his incompetence.

# 5 - The dozens of cases that never are published by our liberal medias for fear of embarrassing the president and Homeland Security.

I believe of Muslim Jihadist terrorists do not mind waiting us out.

They are mostly all males (pity the females, above or below) who are taught that they will  have orgies with 72 virgins (and the sooner the better as virgins are becoming a rarity even in the Muslim world). Too bad, the virgins are fat and ugly, but oh well...

However, after a virgin is deflowered, she can no longer be called a virgin. So 1 Jihadist times 72, times 365 days a year times say 50 years, means there had better be a HUGH supply of fat ugly virgins UP THERE!)

And what about their feelings for their wife or wives?  Except that they apparently don't have any feeling except the feelings they have for their pitiful selves.

Remember, also our current president went around the world apologizing for the actions of this country -- which gave the terrorists considerable solace and more excuses to wreak havoc on innocent people.

US military personnel say the Muslim men beg them for porn. Hypocritical male domination zone.

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