Thursday, October 11, 2012

Smirky Joe Biden, the Rude Debater

What a rude debater. Juvenile. Undignified. Pompous.

Constantly interrupting, smirking, laughing, grunting, wagging the finger, scolding the moderator, and showing how superior he was to Senator Ryan. Smirky Joe was constantly trying to detract the viewer by his extreme body motions.

Here is a guy that clams to be a leader in all his years in Congress but look at the shape of the economy. Was the camera crew biased? Didn't Biden ever take a drink of water?

At no time did the camera show VP Biden taking a drink but the camera showed the TV viewer that Senator Ryan took 6 sips from a glass. This camera action had to be deliberate.

What the intelligent viewer saw was Biden spouting the same old rhetoric and the Democrat mediator asking Ryan to commit what the Republicans EXACT plans were to get more people employed  -- while Biden did his rocking, smirking, finger wagging, grimacing, grunting, toothy smiling, and eye rolling.

The best sound bite was when Biden said "I always say what I mean" in response to Ryan's reference to Biden's many gaffs. Oh really? So you meant it when you said "the middle class has been buried these past 4 years"?? Thanks Joe, for campaigning for Romney. Your boss, Barry Soetoro, has been in charge of the "burial" of the middle class these last 4 years. Thanks for the honesty.

What the mediator appeared to be doing was to get the Republican plans in detail from a VP candidate so the Democrats could say. "look, they accuse us of not working with them and here they are telling you all their plans without consulting us".

I thought Ryan was a gentleman while Biden was making every effort to fluster him. Biden acted like an immature lunatic.

One of the worst displays of a debate have ever witnessed. And as Ryan said, "when you don't have many accomplishments after four years, blame your inability to perform as promised on someone else."

Biden and Obama blame "lack of military intelligence" for the murder of those heroes of Benghazi. What a travesty.

I hope the viewer tonight could see how phony and disrespectful Biden was and make sure this sad administration does not get another 4 years to keep spending, keep borrowing and putting more people on the public dole while the country goes deeper in debt.

As to the constant Democrat harping on the "poor" 60 year old trying to figure out whether to have control over some of the money they invest in Medicare. the Republicans don't make enough emphasis on the fact that controlling some or all of your money is totally VOLUNTARY.

READ MORE: the Heritage Foundation "Reaction to the VP Debate".


steven edward streight said...

"Vice President Joe Biden’s smirk quickly turned into a scowl for the Obama campaign yesterday as White House officials backtracked from several questionable claims Biden made during his debate laugh-fest against GOP opponent Paul Ryan....

The Biden backtracking came as the vice president came under more fire for his over-the-top debate performance, which was punctuated by loud outbursts, finger-pointing and derisive laughing. The behavior also helped in making the much younger Ryan look serious and calm."

-- Boston Herald

steven edward streight said...

Tom Brokaw was not amused at Joe Biden's demented clownish laughing.