Thursday, October 11, 2012


I was siting in front of my laptop just now thinking about what demagoguery Biden and the Democrat Mediator would say tonight and I suddenly remembered the guy who died in a cockroach eating contest in Miami and the 30 who also got ill. (The AP first reported that there were no other illnesses) I immediately got off an email to a reporter for one of liberal rags in the Miami area.

My question was "who were these folks that displayed such stupidity?". Here is what he just emailed me back saying, "30% were college freshman being initiated into a college fraternity, Another 30% were celebrating Obama's performance in his debate with Romney, Another 30% were economist educated politicians hoping to win money to support a hi-speed rail from Naples to Miami. Another 30% were university students majoring in golf, and football. Another 30% were illegals who were in college on the taxpayers dole celebrating their right to vote.

Let's see, is that 100% already. Not trusting my own additions after listening to Obama, I again emailed my Democrat friend who has "connections" with the administrator who okayed the nation's job report last week and this week. He hasn't gotten back to me yet as they are on Eastern time and besides its cocktail time and he probably left his IPod at the office.

I probably could have figured it out myself but the job figures issued by the Obaminites so confused me that I didn't trust my own arithmetic..

I had also asked him if these contestants were voters and if so what party? He said all he knew was that they were readers of the Daily KOZ and he was sure they voted a straight Socialistic or Democrat ticket.

Remember, someone wrote to mama's "don't let your sons grow up to be cowboys" even though I hear live baby rattlesnakes are delicious with a little A-1 sauce. Somebody also said "this country lacks a great deal of a virtue called "common sense" (See my old blog on the subject)

Seriously, I feel sorry for the mothers who raised these kids, graduate students, or Cuban Mafiosos.. But then maybe these brave people's mothers never learned to cook.

Also, seriously, watch the debate tonight. I guarantee you it won/t be a dangerous as a roach and worm eating contest.

Then again, if Obama and company win the November election, it could be a toss-up.

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